House of Champions, Program Benefits

Program Benefits

Our Champions Strive to Achieve...

Increased RESPECT for adults and other children are evident.

Appropriate SOCIAL SKILLS are being used at home and in school.

ACADEMIC GRADES have improved in all areas of the curriculum.

Our Program's Benefits

New group of students participate each year, allowing more children to benefit from the program.

Children have an opportunity to make friends with others of different cultures and ethnicities resulting in respect and understanding.

Children receive individual assistance with homework because of our volunteers, many of whom are current and former teachers. This individual tutoring builds self-confidence in the children and has an effect on their academic progress.

Appropriate social skills are learned in a controlled setting under adult supervision. This learning seems to be transferring to the environments of home and school.

Children have opportunities to learn to be responsible for their own behavior, items provided for their use, and keeping the house clean and organized.

Program Benefits


I learned how to work together without arguing. Now I have manners at the table. I always remember to keep my elbows off the table like when I’m eating a hamburger. ~Joe’Mar (8th grade)