House of Champion Testimonials

Champion Testimonials

I learned to always look at the person who is speaking to you. Wait for a person to stop talking before you talk. Listen and pay attention. I'm better with this at school!
Colin, 2017-18

Because of House of Champions, I complete my homework, have manners, and feel better about myself.
Damian, 2015-16

I wish I could go back to House of Champions because I would like the continued help with my homework.
Damion, 2015-16

House of Champions changed my manners and my actions. I have more self control and I am cautious of my actions because of consequences.
Darnaja, 2015-16

House of Champions taught me how to manage my time. Homework comes first. If I do it, then I can do something else that I want. I now have incentives that help me want to do my homework.
David, 2017-18

House of Champions taught me to believe in myself. I now stick up for myself.
Gabriela, 2017-18

I never use to read and now I read a lot. I am better completing homework now.
Janelle, 2013-14

I learned manners, how to talk to people, to be positive, and how to act in public.
Janielle, 2014-15

I learned how to work together without arguing. Now I have manners at the table. I always remember to keep my elbows off the table like when I'm eating a hamburger.
Joe'Mar, 2014-15

House of Champions helped me learn a lot. Friends helped me when I needed it, especially when I had a bad day.
Josh, 2016-17

House of Champions helped me to be a nicer person and have more self-control.
Judy, 2015-16

I learned how to set the table for dinner. We do this at our house now. It's easier to listen now. Before the House of Champions I didn't listen to others.
Lewison, 2015-16